New Year, Better and Improved Organisation

How I use Notion for Daily Planning and to Organise day-to-day tasks.

Photo by Manki Kim on Unsplash

Day to Day Planning

My everyday day-to-day planning looks very much like this (perhaps with more things throughout, and some weeks looking emptier). Each week is always different from the rest.

Personal Desktop
Current Tasks List
Template Card for Tasks
  • Notes.
Simple Calendar UI directly from Notion

Life and Hobbies

It’s important to also venture in using your creative and organised space for personal aspirations and things you want to accomplish, whether it’s through various resolutions or milestones you want to make throughout the year.

Habit Tracking

Habit Tracking directly from Notion

Monthly Finances

Monthly finances are always important to keep track. As everything is moving swiftly to a digital world, it’s now easier than ever to keep track of your spendings. My monthly expenses layout came from inspiration with bullet journaling.

Monthly Finances Overview
  • The item purchased;
  • The type / category of purchase;
  • The cost/value;
  • The paid status; and
  • Notes.


As for probably my favourite part of the entire set-up, reading plays a huge role. I like to think of reading like meditation — they are relaxing in both ways and they help you traverse to a new state of mind. Reading, for me, is essential to my overall daily habits. Without reading, it leaves me in an endless circle of worries, stress and anxiety.

Reading Bookshelf list directly from Notion


For the final page in this Notion set-up, it is for my web development goals. A hobby you enjoy is much like a passion. Having a desire to keep on learning will enable you to become a better self. You can pick anything, and you can start right now, so why not learn something new? You might find out that you enjoy it.

Goal list directly from Notion
Template Card for Ideas/Goals

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